Article Date: 03/10/2022


Year-round, spectacular views, excellent health and wellbeing benefits, freehold ownership of a property which will gain in desirability and value as years pass; there is much to be gained from investing in a coastal residence.

Who doesn’t dream of owning ‘a place by the sea’? Whatever our age, whichever the season, the salty coastal air seems to bring out the best in us. Imagine waking to an everyday horizon of glistening blue waters and retiring to sleep each night as waves ripple or crash in the near distance. Now imagine luxuriating in these soothing sights and sounds, safe in the knowledge that for the price of your superbly-located seaside home, they are yours for keeps.

The health and wellbeing benefits of coastal living are more than a figment of the imagination. A 2021 ‘Health in Coastal Communities’ report by the UK government’s Chief Medical Officer confirms a number of advantages. These include improved access to outdoor spaces for exercise, greater social contact and reduced air pollution.

Investing in a coastal home also has its financial benefits. Recent events such as the Covid-19 pandemic have seen many people, following a revaluation of their work and lifestyle choices, decide that a residence offering greater freedom, fresh air and tranquility is more for them. Hence, properties in seaside towns remain as sought after as ever. A Halifax Building Society survey revealed that in 2021, the average price of a British seaside residence increased by 10% on the previous year.

Therefore, purchase of a coastal property provides an excellent return on investment, with no shortage of letting opportunities for owners looking to earn extra income in the short, mid or long-term.

Ultimately, people who invest in a coastal property are investing in a better way of life for themselves and their family. What greater incentive is there to ‘buy’ beside the seaside?

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About Leas Pavilion

The Leas Pavilion lounge, restored to its 1902 former glory, is a rare example of a Grade II listed purpose-built Edwardian tea room.

With its ornately moulded ceilings, elegant galleries, the grand imperial staircase and a sprung dance floor it has been the favourite local venue for culture, art and leisure for over 100 years.

Today, we proudly incorporate this former tea room into an avant-garde nine storey residence with 91 luxury sea view apartments.

By combining traditional English heritage with modern architecture from Hollaway Studios, we are able to offer a highly desirable prime seaside location with stunning ocean vistas, grounded in the deep roots of the area’s local history.

All this with high-speed access to central London and an entry point to the channel tunnel just a stone’s throw away; the whole of Europe is at your doorstep.