Newsletter Date: 16/06/2022

Start of construction

Introducing Ant Yapi UK Limited.

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Dear Resident

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Ant Yapi UK Limited and the main contacts for the duration of the renovation and new build of Leas Pavilion. Ant Yapi is a renowned worldwide contractor who specialises in construction projects of this nature. We are registered with the Considerate Constructor Scheme and have a rating of Excellent from our central London project.

We are very aware of the impacts that our activities may have on the local community, so we constantly strive to form the best relationships possible with our neighbours. We do this by:

  1. Providing monthly updates on progress
  2. Being open and listening to concerns
  3. Dealing with resident concerns promptly
  4. Fundraising for local charities

Notification of Commencement has been issued by our Client to FHDC and between now and 1st of July 2022, only below activities that are permitted to undertake during the 2 weeks notice period will take place on site over the coming weeks:

  1. Surveying of the site
  2. Removal of the precious artifacts that will form part of the renovation
  3. Dismantling of the existing building in preparation for the strengthening of the Pavilion structure and for the ground works surrounding it

If at any stage, you have any concerns or questions regarding the site activities you can contact us using the below contacts. If you would like regular email updates, please send your email address to Lawrence McKenzie.


Ahmet Ozdemir (Project Director)
Lawrence McKenzie (Head SHEQ)

Yours sincerely,
Ahmet Ozdemir

For and on behalf of
Ant Yapi (UK) Limited